A Day in my Life | Sneak Peek into our new home under construction

28 ਜੁਲਾਈ 2019
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This is a very short vlog which was taken right next day after we landed in Kerala. On this day I had gone to visit our new home construction site. I first thought I’ll share the completed house to you all as a house tour. But I couldn’t resist myself showing you all a sneak peek of it. I haven’t covered the whole house as you would feel bored seeing the incomplete house. I shall definitly do a home tour video which includes all the details in the house and the people behind this. So stay tuned for that video.
Now on this day, my sister-in-law Shabna and kids were at home. I must say, I have a blessed mother-in-law and sister-in-law who are there in the kitchen to help us. We prepare food jointly and that’s how we share a good bonding. I don’t want to be negative, but I have heard a lot of sad stories from many of my friends who talks about the burden from the in-laws family. I am truly thankful to the Almighty for that.
On this day for breakfast we prepared Rice roti ( a common item prepared most of the days ) and black chana dal curry. The detailed recipe for the curry, you can find in here, paworld.info/face/v/cpiPzYvFr5ykaaA , I had prepared the same curry even last vacation, so the video is again is in a Kerala vlog.
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    • You may check it here - paworld.info/face/v/fmOHkXu4tqZqeKQ ☺️☺️

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