A glimpse of Shopping Packing & Off we flew to Kerala

25 ਜੁਲਾਈ 2019
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Flying home is something we always wait for. Being in Qatar from childhood, I always used to feel that Qatar is my home. But when my parents got settled in Kerala a few years back, only then I realized, HOME is where your HEART is. So now even flying to Kerala is the same feeling as of how I used to feel flying to Qatar.
But Qatar is still my childhood home where I had spent the most precious moments in my life with my parents and brothers and my friends.
So this video is a lil sneak peek into my life on the hurry burry shopping, a glimpse of packing and some moments spent with my family. Hopefully I could show out the beauty of my land, my Kerala in my coming videos. This vacation hoping with prayers that it would be really an exciting one as lots of happenings in our life. Shall share with you all in my coming videos.
Thankyou soooo much to all of you..
Love you ALL !!!!!!
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