Switzerland Vlog : Towards Jungfraujoch via Interlaken

21 ਨਵੰਬਰ 2019
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Our ladies only trip to Switzerland comes to an end with this video. I am back in Riyadh and my sis-in-law is back in Doha. We really miss being in Switzerland and we talk about the days we spent together, even now. Such a lovely place and such a beautiful trip it was.
Though we miss the break we had, it’s truly a rejoice being back with my family. Felt a bit emotional when I hugged my kids. And I feel, my love for my family and the bond we all share has only been stronger after coming back. This makes me realise how important is a ‘ME’ time for us homemakers. And not just homemakers, even I think its much needed for anyone in the family, be it husband or kids. I used to feel a bit upset when my husband used to go for trips with his friends leaving us behind. But he used to make sure that we had everything what we needed to be comfortable while he isn’t with us. Still I wasn’t completely happy. And now I know, it’s important to take a break.
Thanks to my husband, in making me understand that life is not to be locked inside four walls. Without his support, I would be a depressed soul.
To my lovely viewers, take a break and be happy for yourself. You will love your soul and you can then make others happy too. So Love yourself first, and then share it with others. Be happy & Stay positive !!!!
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  • May I know the total cost that you have spent for the whole package..

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  • Must say dis is what Woman Empowerment hey girl am so inspired by you... Now a days some women think only wearing short clothes outing partying n etc is woman empowerment

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  • Is cloud 7 app we have to book from india??

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  • Switzerland is my childhood dream.

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  • Had been to this place in June....recalled all the beautiful memories......miss this place..wana visit this place again.....

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