Welcoming the bride | Wedding celebrations | Preparations the day before

30 ਦਸੰਬਰ 2020
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We warm welcomed the new bride with lots of preparations and celebrations. It was a fun-filled day for all of us. Thanks to each one of you for your prayers and blessings showered upon the couple and it really means a lot to us.
The night before wedding is much more joyous. We apply mehendi, sing songs and dance. There's a smile on each and everyone's face. There were lots of health related issues in our family before wedding. And we all had gone through lots of stress. By God's grace we all had overcome the pain getting engaged in wedding celebration.
My new sister-in-law, Shaheera ( Chinnu ), was given a lovely welcome and was made comfortable.
See you all with more vlogs. Until then, take care and stay safe everyone.
Make-up Artist : Fikra ( instagram.com/finazbridalstudio?igshid=1ifqts8dh6pay )
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  • Wow, our cultures so similar. Us Bangladeshi too do many of this during weddings. Im born and raised in London and we still follow it here as well. My favourite is dancing and singing around the groom! We got it 'dhamail' in sylheti. 🤣❤😊 Loved the vlog xxx

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