With parents to Jeddah & Makkah !!!

30 ਦਸੰਬਰ 2019
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Our parents are here with us. Usually anyone visiting Saudi Arabia in our family, their main intention would be to perform Umrah and visit other religious destinations in Saudi Arabia.
My in-laws had visited us even before. They already have seen all the religious spots here. This time they wanted to perform Umrah as soon as possible.
Now this trip was planned all on a sudden. We didn’t have any plans on how to travel. Travelling by road would take 10 hrs minimum to reach the destination. And for parents at this age, long distance would be a bit challenging. Finally booked flight. It takes only 1:30 hours to reach Jeddah from Makkah. And FlyNas has got amazing offers sometimes.
Safinas, my dear sister, my cousin, my mom’s brother’s daughter. She resides in Jeddah with her husband and two lovely boys. She had invited us for lunch and dinner on the same day. For lunch, we all gathered at her residence. As parents sleep early and they were tired from the journey, insisted us to join them. Hence my sister prepared food for parents, so that they could have homemade food and have a good sleep. Hence we all went out for dinner at Khayal Restaurant that has Turks delicacies. The food was yummylicious.
Hope you liked this video !!!!
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